How much data you've shared on the internet over your lifetime?

Can you trace all that data? Together that's your life story!

Intense huh? No Pressure!

These keeps us awake at night

Data is Yours

Anything you do on the internet. Your data is yours in one place and only you can control it!

Integrity in Lifestyle

Whatever you are looking for, a job, or a pizza, you get them just from one personal interface!

Social Sustainability

Do you think you can do something beautiful for living? Wherever you are, reach global!


Our first step: Usha

No Coding! No Conversation Design!

Usha (Unified Services for Human Assistance) is a Chatbot Platform for local retail consumer services, helping SME business to GROW their consumer base.

Build your full featured chatbot yourself in 5 minutes! Usha introduces an NLP (Natural Language Processing) powered new chatbot design approach which lets you build your chatbot without any conversation design in a super fast, fun and easy way. Usha chatbots are phenomenally efficient in natural conversation with your users.

Why Usha Chatbot?

No Conversation Design!

Usha's innovation in chatbot design lets you build your chatbot without any conversation design. Its fast, easy and fun.

Suites Your Needs

Retail Shop chatbot, restaurent chatbot, news or media chatbot, banking chatbot, you name it. Usha is built with dynamic design in mind.

Showcase All Your Products

You have hundreds or thousands of products? Usha can showcase all your products in your messenger chatbot, let people search, share and order.

Nurture and Grow Your Users

Usha can instantly respond to BIG amount of consumers in parallel 24✕7. Usha message responses are rich formats in the form of image, text, gif, gallery, list, button etc.

Track Your Orders

Your users can place multiple products/services orders using Usha Bag. You can handle each order seperately and notify your users instantly.

Broadcast Messages

You think your consumers love your products? Send your products or offers to all your consumers in just one click!